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-sure it's workin'? Ah, there it is!

[A Mime Jr. sounds off triumphantly.]

This is Joker! And Angel, a course. [A chuckle.] If ya need ta chat with me, I'll answer soon as I can.
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CARNIVAL JOB: Stage Manager
JOINED: Year 2, Elementals

✧: An abnormal eye change to bright pink
✧: Slit pupils
✧: Long pointed ears
✧: Bioluminscent spots along his wingpits
✧: A fae mark similar to a clef note
✩: An unnaturally flexible body
✩: Gnarled wooden antlers (similar to roe deer)
✩: His shadow and reflection move independently
✵: Half of his left forearm is now gnarled wood as a replacement for the limb he lost
✵: Flight capable magpie wings

1ST CONTRACT: A year and a day for saving his life.
2ND CONTRACT: A year and a day for ensuring the safety of his family.
3RD CONTRACT: A year and a day for the guaranteed safe transfer of his younger sibling Doll to a safer and kinder universe than their England.

CONTACT: trilies on plurk and trilies#1501 on discord

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FREQUENCY: 737.8721

DESCRIPTION: No matter the time, it seems like Joker almost always immediately answers calls directed to his frequency.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door

DESCRIPTION: A metal mailbox with a metal slot at the top and a small door at the side is attached to the front of Joker's trailer with a playing card imprinted on the front. Sliding things under the front of his door is acceptable as well.

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[Joker's been meaning to make a video like this for a while, with the second anniversary coming up as it is... But recent news makes it had. He delays, just a little bit, until he can finally appear on the screen with his usual wide showman's smile.]

[It's a mask he's very good at wearing.]

Hello again, one and all! For those I've not yet had the pleasure ta meet, I'm Joker, ringleader of the Eve's Garden Circus here in Goldenrod!

As much as I'd love ta simply chat and the like, I'm afraid this is more business than anythin' else. Ya see, the circus is lookin' a bit empty as of late, and we need more folks ta fill it up again! That is, ta say, we are currently hirin' for any willin' parties!

Of course, performers are the ones we're lookin' out for the most right now! As I make this vidoe, we currently have an air show, a strongman, a trapeze artist, and a clown in employment! We'll gladly take in back ups for any a those positions, of course, but we're definitely eager for new talents ta be on display!

Performers aren't the only positions we're lookin' ta fill. If yer any good with technology, stage equipment, or fixin' up folks who did things like, oh... fall off a high place and break their arm, then we're interested in havin' ya!

Ya get pay for the work ya do, and there are places ta stay on the circus grounds if ya would like ta save money. Contact me, and we can work everythin' out. I can even train ya in a few things, if yer interested but don't have any performin' skills.

Additionally, for anyone who does crafts and the like, there are always stalls available ta set ya up at on the grounds!

Aaaaaand that's all, I should think! [The ringleader glances down to his side, where a small Mime Jr. is sitting on a tall stool. She looks back up to him, and something unsaid seems exchanged. Joker clears his throat.]

Additionally, if anyone has found themselves in possession of Miss Ilya's Pokemon, please let us know. Thank ya kindly.
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Alright, Torch! Got it set?

[Now that the weather has cleared up a bit, Joker is beaming into the camera. Besides him is a bike and, for once, the ringleader is wearing a helmet. That's one worry taken care of. Practically bouncing on his heels, Joker grins.]

Alright, everyone, I know the last time I rode on a bike, it went a tad wrong. But I think I've finally got it down. Watch!

[Getting into position, he grips the handle with his one good hand and kicks out the brake. A little bit of wobbling as he pushes off, a clear sign of his imbalance with no other arm to help steady him, but soon enough he's riding around smoothly in the street. A whoop echoes out.]

[VICTORY. Joker - 1. Bike - ....way too many, but that doesn't matter.]

[Another wobble as he draws the bike to a stop, and he grins.]

And now that we've got this biking business all figured out, me and Jimmy are movin' onta other things! Torch, go on-

[The Gear is moved around to focus on Jimmy.

Jimmy is also wearing a helmet, but instead of standing next to a bike, he’s got a bright green skateboard propped up against the ground in one hand with a scyther emblazoned on the bottom. He honestly looks like he’s ready to explode with excitement himself as he spins the skateboard around before pushing it over, stepping one foot up onto it.]

We got skateboards while we were in Kanto! I haven’t gotten to ride one since I got here, and I’m gonna teach Joker how to ride, too!

[Joker pops back into the frame for a moment.]

We'll probably be okay and not die this time around.
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[To those perhaps familiar with Kanto, the camera opens up onto a view of none other than the beginning of Bicycle Road. Joker is posed on one of its namesakes, in fact, his one hand on the handlebars and his feet firmly on the ground. He's beaming at the Gear.]

There ya go, Elsie, perfect!

So we're gettin' closer ta Fuchsia now, after we met up with that Erika! Nice girl, by the by, took things in stride. Probably seen it all before, y'know how it is.

Anyway! There's a real long way ta the next city, but, as it turns out, there's this real handy road that takes ya there much quicker! S'just that ya can't use yer Pokemon or anythin' on it. Gotta use a bike. [He pats said bike proudly.]

Now, uh, I've never actually used one a these, won't be dishonest about it. But ey, I've ridden all manner a Pokemon while here, so how hard can it be? Ya just gotta- balance and the like-

[Way more wobbly than is in any way reassuring, Joker pushes off... right down a hill...]

[...Yeah, he's immediately falling off and crashing down the whole damn thing. Yelping, clanging, swearing- Elsie the Pyroar, the current cameralion of the day, jolts forward after him. In the chaos, one of her teeth nudges the Gear off.]


[He probably shouldn't have done this while it was raining.]
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And here we are, beginnin' the great Litleo Challenge!

[That's... sure Joker. That's sure Joker literally covered in Litleo- five for anyone who's counting- standing on what some might recognize as the ferry to Kanto. There's a Charizard in the background who's looking amused. Listen, he needed a flier to get him to New Bark.]

I've already done the gyms 'round Johto, see, and I thought I'd do somethin' more excitin' for goin' ta Kanto for the first time! So, what I'm gonna do is use nothin' but this group a Litleo! This here is Rose Red, this is Elsie, then ya got Biancabella, Florine, Nen, and- well Dovre ain't with us right now since I had ta use Torch here ta get us ta New Bark, and she'd bite my hand clear off too, but she'll be joinin' us once we get ta Kanto!

And a course, we're accompanied by good ol' Jimmy Two-Shoes here- [The Gear is twisted off to show the kid in question.] Wave hello, Jims!

For anyone who goes ta the Circus, Angel and Invidia are watching over it, save for the days when I'll be stoppin' in the cities. First time me and her will be so apart, s'gonna worry us both...

So that's that! Wish me luck~.
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[For once, there's not a smile on Joker's face. It's a rather... disconcerting effect, considering how he usually is.]

So, for folks that don't already know- our lad Wrath is missin'. He's one a the younger folks around here, with messy black hair that goes 'bout his waist and purple eyes. Teeth like a beartrap.

If ya find 'im, or 'ave an idea of where he is, or saw anythin' suspicious, lemme know. There's a reward of 4200P for anybody who can get 'im back ta us safe and sound. And so help me, if anyone did anythin' ta that boy...

[There's a moment where he seems to struggle with himself before he lets out a breath, letting his expression go down a tone to "not very happy" instead of "I will definitely break someone's legs".]

So! There's that. This is also a reminder that Halloween is next month, and Eve's Garden Circus is always lookin' for workers especially now that we'll have a haunted house that needs ta be manned. If yer not afraid of crowds, then we could always use more performers. Contact me if ya think ya 'ave any special talents or want ta learn any, and we'll talk.

We 'ave plenty a jobs for others, such as sellin' tickets, takin' care a the lights and such, anyone who can path folks up, and mannin' stalls. If ya 'ave a business of yer own, we can set ya up on the grounds.

The haunted house itself needs people ta take care a things up front, makeup and costumes, and, a course, anyone who's interested in givin' folks a good scare inside.

This ain't just for people, too. Pokemon are free ta work with us as well. If ya need help gettin' ta Goldenrod, let me know, and I'll help ya get here.

[Joker taps his fingers on his hip for a moment before taking in a deep breath, his shoulders slumping.]

And seriously... Let us know if ya see Wrath.
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And a good mornin' ta everyone~.

[There's Joker, smiling like usual and with his hair still dark. He's a bit more done up than he was the last time he turned on his Pokegear.]

So! First off, a bit a business for anyone lookin' for work. As always, the circus is always open ta folks who'd like ta run stalls or participate in any a the acts. We could always use folks who know their way around all this fancy tech or who can patch folks up just in case. However! This is for the future.

Ta be exact, October. Our good friend Jack has left the haunted house in the care of Jims and me, but two folks does not a haunted house make! So if yer interested in that sorta work, let me know, and we can see how things are come October!

Secondly, bit more personal, but beyond breedin', any recommondations for where ta fish for good water types and the like?

Think that's- [He breaks off as a Zoroark paw reaches from off screen and taps his shoulder.] Ah, before I forget. My Invidia has a problem he'd like some outside opinions on. Don't know what it is, he ain't keen on tellin' me just yet. Let me know if ya would like ta have a chat with 'im.
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Angel- y'bloody nuisance ta society, I told ya ta wait until after-

[There's an exasperated sigh followed by a fond chuckle as the video shakes before it's adjusted appropriately. The view is Joker's room and the ringleader in question is actually dressed rather casually for once. A t-shirt and jeans for once, none of his usual makeup... And is his hair actually slick with dark hair dye that a Gardevoir seems to be fussing over?]

[Well. At least Joker seems amused as he shakes his head and Angel the Mime Jr. bounces into frame besides him.]

Cheeky lil' thing. Anyway! Ladies, gentleman, and every other manner a folk that have found themselves in this delightful place...

The Eve's Garden Circus is comin' upon its one year anniversary! That means this month's shows will be even bigger and grander than ever before~. I even have plans ta have fireworks go off during the night, plus a little somethin' extra. Call it... a game a hide and seek, if ya like.

I'll be attachin' some things ta my Litleo and let 'em loose throughout the circus grounds. If ya can catch one, or at least get the prize off their collar, then you'll get a prize! With a few grand prizes, too, if yer lucky. [He gives a wink.] For anyone who works for me, ya can give it a shot too. Wouldn't want ya ta miss out on the fun.

[Stretching his arms over his head, Joker laughs.]

I wanted ta make this a more official sorta announcement, instead a y'all seein' me like this- [He gestures vaguely to his hair situation, the Gardevoir batting away his fingers before they can touch the dye.] -but Angel didn't 'ave the patience ta wait.

Anyway, I'm bein' bullied ta take care a this, so I'll let Invidia handle one last piece a business.

[And the Gardevoir gently pushes her trainer along out of the frame. Sure enough, there's another person taking Joker's place- anyone familiar with his Zoroark can tell it's Invidia using his preferred human illusion.]

Ah... Ahem. For the following, you're cordially invited to an after-show dinner on Eve's Garden's anniversary: Jimmy Two-Shoes, Wrath, Chihiro Fujisaki, Ronald Knox, William T. Spears, Snake, Tensai, Maka Albarn, Denzel Crocker, Jack Skellington, Riku, Ilyasviel von Einzbern, Tobias, Jimmy Darling, France, the Okumura brothers, Miss Meridiana Everett, Yasuhiro Hagakure, Veronica Madaraki, Envy, Lust, Molly Walker, and Killua Zoldyk. [That sure is a list.] You may bring guests, if you like.

Ah, and for regular visitors to the circus... As a reminder, there is a transportation system we employ which you can buy the services of as a one way stop to Goldenrod, where Eve's Garden Circus is located, or two way to return you to the city that you were in previously. And if you are interested in a job as a backstage helper or performer, please don't be afraid to contact us.

That's all... Thank you for listening!
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[Here's Joker this fine morning, twirling a Glacier Badge between his fingers while Rogue the Furret stays wrapped around his shoulders with some pleased chirping noises. He seems exhausted, although in a pleasant way. Someone clearly just got done with a Gym battle.]

I have ta say, I'll give it ta that Pryce... Clever old codger. Gave my lot a run for our money even with the strength difference. Guess it's true what they say about age and experience, eh?

[He finally stops toying with the badge, tucking it away and giving a grin to the camera. Rogue gets a ear scratch for his troubles.]

It seems like a shame ta leave right after that in such a nice little town like this! Anythin' interestin' ta see, for those who've passed through before? Or... [A thoughtful hum.] Wonder if I could make it ta Blackthorn real quick... Wouldn't mind finishin' things up.
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Angel, c'mon, think yer takin' it a bit too far...

[Angel the Mime Jr clearly disagrees, because she seems quite proud of herself as she finishes adjusting the camera and steps to the side. Joker has been forced to sit in the middle of his room with a sign hanging around his neck.]

[It reads thus: ]

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[The video suddenly flickers onto a familiar pair of faces, both of them leaning close to another 'Gear. Considering the name registered to the video, it must be Joker's that's being used for filming and Jimmy's that the pair are using. The rest of the room is dark, just leaving the light from the Pokegear.]

[Joker is looking a bit jumpy, and the expression on his face is one of a man from 1880s who is not entirely sure if what he's looking at will steal his soul or not.]

I'm tellin' ya, they can't just bleedin' well teleport, and they wouldn't give us this camera thing if it was useless, would they? Go on, switch elsewhere then.

Alright, lesse…

[Jimmy lifts a hand to switch to a different camera, lingering only for a second or two on each one, giving them enough time to glance around to be sure nothing is really there. The gym floor, lockers, bathrooms...everything seems pretty empty, yet they could have sworn that they saw something a minute ago.]

I...I don’t see anything else, do you?

Somethin’ was off but bugger all if I could tell what it was.

[Joker makes a face before giving a helpless shrug.]

Hell with it, let’s put it down then, everythin’ seems in order this time.

[Jimmy looks back down at the screen, at the camera that is currently looking out over the entirety of the gym. He nods and moves to switch the camera off…

When suddenly, the view of the screen is filled with the limp body of what appears to be a Frillish, shining a strange hue of gold in the darkness. It’s lying up against the wall, staring back at them with dead, hollow eyes. And Jimmy’s reaction, naturally, is to nearly drop the Gear entirely as he chokes back a strangled scream.]

W-what is that!?

[Joker’s reaction is a lot less verbal and lot more punching Jimmy’s Pokegear right in the keyboard, making it clatter back onto the desk they’re seated at. There’s a muffled swear under his voice as he quickly grabs it back.]

Aw ‘ell, switched it back ta the cameras- wait, where’d the bloody thing go?!
[Because yep, that sure is an empty video game office and no creepy Golden Florence Frillish about! Joker’s expression has changed from ‘unsure if going to steal my soul’ to ‘DEFINITELY going to steal my soul, well dammit’.]

I- I don’t know!

[This game is suddenly a lot less fun as opposed to outright terrifying because where the heck did it go. Not to mention the fact that the lights near the doors are still flickering every so often, and Jimmy’s almost certain that at any minute something is going to come charging through.]

We only got an hour left and like...15% power or something. Do you think we can make it not watching the cameras?

I think we should-

[And that’s when something seems to enter the room causing Jimmy to fall out of his chair with a yelp and Joker to swear- louder this time- and throw the ‘gear somewhere. Whoever is filming this ridiculous scene seems to be having a hard time not laughing as they change it to show three Pokemon standing in the doorway- a Vulpix, a Houndoom, and a Bunnelby.]
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...So, me and Jimmy aren't allowed in the hotel in Violet anymore.

[Joker says it with a bit of a grin on his face as he's seated outside near Sprout Tower as it's night time. There are still probably hundreds of Noibat flapping around. There's at least a dozen attached to him and Angel the Mime Jr who's sitting next to him.]

Guess yer not allowed ta hundred bats or so in yer hotel rooms.

...Or spillin' out inta the hallways.

...Or gettin' inta the coffee pot although that wasn't on purpose.

Lesson for us all, innit?
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Hello. This is Invidia and the rest of Joker's troupe. We have just been allowed to have a spare Pokegear for ourselves for studying and fun. We are all very excited. Levi is the most excited. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to do on the Pokegear besides communicating with other people? We


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Mornin', folks. Don't suppose ya would mind entertainin' a couple questions?

[Joker is on what some might recognize as Route 39, not too far from Olivine itself. He's sitting on the ground crosslegged, a Phanpy in his lap. For some reason, he's moving a finger slowly in front of the Pokemon's face. The Phanpy doesn't react, although her ears do twitch everytime he speaks. Not too far from him is Joker's Zoroark, cradling an egg in his own lap and seeming strangely concerned. Even the Ringleader himself seems a bit subdued, lost in whatever he's doing.]

A friend a mine and I were wonderin' about the kind of Pokemon that were most popular, least, and just tend ta get forgotten around here.

So! What're yer favorite Pokemon, either by looks or by skills? What are the kinds ya just plain can't stand? And finally, what Pokemon do ya think tend ta get forgotten?

It'll be fun ta hear what ya have ta say.

[For a moment longer after he finishes speaking, he keeps moving his hand about the Phanpy's head and even makes a sudden jabbing gesture in her direction although he doesn't actually touch her. Still no response. Finally he looks to his Zoroark.]

I think ya may be right. Ha, I wonder if this is what that letter meant?
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That certainly was somethin', wasn't it? Glad ta see we all weathered through it! But Goldenrod ain't lookin' so golden after all that.

I suppose flyin' sharks do that ta a city.

Anyway, first order a business! Since we're fixin' up some things over here in the Circus ta begin with, I figure we might as well add somethin'! [The camera moves to show him leaning up against what looks like an unpainted Rapidash statue.] Got a carousel on the way, some a the parts already here. Got good word it should be ready by the end a next week!

Also, since I know there's plenty a folks workin' on fixing things up and helpin' around the Pokecenters, come down to the park anytime today on yer break and we'll treat ya right. Reward for not gettin' carried away by that storm.

Cheers ta Hurricane Bloober, eh?


[For anyone doing their best to fix things up around Goldenrod- or even just walking around- they might find themselves approached by one of Joker's MANY Pokemon with an offering of a balloon attached to a small bag of treats.]

[If they decide to follow after the gift giver, or just wander near the Park anyway, they'll find a nice little set up with plenty of blankets spread around to sit on and some tables about. There are some particularly long ones, with a variety of drinks from water to soda to those weird sporty drinks. It's manned by even more Pokemon, from the likely familiar little Mime Jr. to a Gardevoir-Gallade pair.]

[Joker can be spotted dropping by now and then, laying back on one of the blankets and humming.]

[Feel free to mingle, bother any of the Pokemon, or just chat with the ringleader himself.]


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